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Interview for Fuji X Aus

WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? BRIDGING THE GENDER GAP IN PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY – ALESSIA FRANCISCHIELLO Here is the interview with the FujiX Aus community. Link to the Article Here’s an extract: In this article today, I […]

September 20

How hard is it to produce images nowadays? How much do we still want to see of emotion and concepts in our shots? Browsing the internet I have a feeling that conceptual photography hasn’t died, […]

September 18

One of the most beautiful things in my job is the connection I get with the people on set. And for “connection” I don’t mean the one on Instagram or Facebook but a human feeling […]

Uluru in a different light

What is really Uluru made of? In my trip to Uluru I have not only seen the beauty and magnificence of the famous red monolith of Central Australia, but also appreciated the colours and environment […]

X-H1 Trackside with Alessia

Fuji Guy Will speaks with portraiture and fashion photographer Alessia Francischiello to hear about her thoughts on the Fujifilm X-H1. In the video Alessia discusses what the camera is like when compared to shooting with […]

August 2

The best part of my job as a freelance photographer is that I get to know lots of people and their stories. Some of them are able to take me places I have never been, […]

Exposure revolution

In my latest article I touched a very important, yet hidden, issue we’re having in the creative environment nowadays. If you missed it make sure you check it out before reading this. There’s a new […]


‘Exposure’ means only one thing in photography and it’s not “working for free” I was browsing the web and looking to organise some test shoots in my free time. As a starting freelance photographer this […]

June 17

It’s one of those days, when you feel you want to start all over again. Make no mistakes. Chose your destiny once for all. Be what you dream. The only thing is: you cannot know […]